4 Tips for Beginning a Fitness Program


When it comes to improving your life from the inside out, starting a fitness program is one of the best things you can do for yourself. To put it simply, moving more will help your body become stronger, your mind clearer and your overall health will skyrocket. You can read more info on fitness habits here, to see how they have such a long-lasting effect. A fitness program doesn’t need to be a massive chore that weighs you down! You can workout in the ways you enjoy, and reap the benefits of a healthy and happy body and mind. Here are some tips to get started:


Assess your Fitness Level

Before you get started with your fitness program, assess your current fitness level so you have a benchmark against which to track your progress. It will help keep you motivated if you have a way to see how well you are doing! There are a few ways to measure your aerobic and muscular fitness before you begin your fitness program. Record your pulse rate before and after walking one mile, time how long it takes to walk/run one mile, record how many pushups you can do in 1 minute, find your body mass index

Consider Your Goals

If you really want to stick with your fitness program, you’ll want to have some goals in mind. While you could always just go out and workout everyday with no goals in mind, having clear goals will help gauge your progress and keep you on track. Are you trying to lose weight, or are you preparing for an event such as a marathon? Do you want to get fit so you have more energy or look better? Keep your goals in mind as you go to workout everyday.

Don’t Rush It

The number one reason people quit a fitness program is because they’ve tried to take on too much, too quickly. To avoid burnout or just plain frustration, start out at a comfortable pace that feels good. If you want to get into running, start out by jogging a mile a few days a week. Once you accomplish that, you can step up your program. But having a sense of accomplishment will keep you on track rather than feeling like you want to quit.

Build Activity Into Your Day

Who says that fitness has to mean getting dressed in workout clothes and heading to the gym? There are plenty of ways you can add more calorie-burning activity into your day, getting you fit without even trying. This doesn’t replace a fitness program, but as you become more active you will find that movement becomes a natural part of your day. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, and park a little farther away from the store so you get some extra walking in. Learn to embrace movement in your day and appreciate your amazing body!





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