A Senior’s Appreciation for Music: History of the BBC Proms

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There is plenty that changes as you get older. Your looks, the clothes you wear and the places you like to go might all be different from when you were young, but your taste in music will stay with you forever.

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Orchestral and classical music is meant to be heard in a concert hall and the BBC Proms is where you can fully enjoy it. But what exactly is BBC Proms and how did it all begin?




What is the BBC Proms?




The BBC Proms is a season of orchestral classical music that takes place in summer each year at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Fans of the genre can get tickets to see one of what is now over 100 live concerts, or tune in to the radio or television, which will cover most of the action. The series was originally called ‘Mr Robert Newman’s Promenade Concerts’, with the first series taking place in 1895, and it has been known as the BBC Proms since 1927.




Promenade concerts




The BBC Proms came about from outdoor concerts that are known as promenade concerts. The Proms began as a set of concerts in London’s pleasure gardens, where the audience could listen to the music while talking, walking and eating. These events were so popular by the late 19th century that they became an indoor event to showcase a much wider range of music.




Proms entering its 119th year




Up until 1927, the Proms were operating at a loss, before the publishers Chappell and Co. revealed that they were withdrawing their funding. The broadcaster set about creating its own symphony orchestra, which was formed in 1930 and has played ever since. Now the event is in its 119th year and appears as strong as ever, with thousands going to watch and many more listening at home.




Move to Royal Albert Hall




The Proms’ original home, Queen’s Hall, was destroyed by German aircraft during the war, meaning a new home was required. Despite a couple of tears without BBC funding, the Royal Albert Hall became the location for the event from 1941 until present. Throughout the changes since, the Hall has remained an integral part of this world renowned classical music festival.




Last Night of the Proms




The last night of the Proms is what many people think of when the BBC Proms are brought up. This show is generally a lighter form of the previous two weeks, so that the event can wind down. While the Proms does just that, why don’t you also wind down with walk in baths UK? A warm, soapy bath with the last night of the Proms on the television – now that’s a perfect evening for a senior.


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