An Essential Guide to eLiquids and Nicotine Strength

There’s no doubt about it – among the revolutionary products today, e-cigarettes have taken the world of smokers by storm. More individuals are switching to electronic cigarettes for the different benefits they bring compared to traditional cigarettes. For one, e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco.


Secondly, it does not burn and instead uses a battery to heat up liquid flavouring, so it does not produce toxic carcinogens related to tobacco burning. There are, of course, other reasons why many people have made the switch. But if you yourself have been contemplating a move to e-cigarettes, it always pays to know more about one of their essential components, the eLiquid and its nicotine strengths.

eLiquids and nicotine strength

There are different kinds of eLiquids available today, with dozens upon dozens of flavour combinations – from the classic to the unusual. It’s easy enough to choose a flavour you prefer, like apple or coffee, but it is a bit more complicated to choose the nicotine strength of your eLiquid.

When you purchase an eLiquid, you will be asked to choose the nicotine level as well. The most common levels are 24mg and 11mg. Simply put, the mg, is the nicotine amount for every millilitre of the eLiquid. To understand this more fully, just imagine that a 10ml eLiquid bottle with 24mg of nicotine strength will have 240 milligrams of nicotine.

Nicotine strength depends on various factors

The amount of nicotine absorbed by your body when you use an e-cigarette depends on various factors. This includes the nicotine density in the eLiquid itself, the vaporising quantity of the electronic cigarette, how often you smoke or ‘vape’, and your method of inhaling and respiration. It is important to keep in mind that nicotine is not all absorbed by the vaporiser. For instance, if you inhale 0.50ml of the eLiquid that has 16mg of nicotine strength, this does not mean that you absorb the entire 16mg of nicotine. You may only absorb approximately 40 to 60% of the nicotine based on your inhalation and the frequency of your use.

Choosing the nicotine strength that’s ideal for you

Different companies offer different nicotine strengths. But some of the most common are 11, 18, 24, and even 32mg. In order to have a successful transition from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes, it is important to choose your ideal nicotine strength. If you are used to smoking light cigarettes, you can begin with a nicotine strength of 11 or 12. For those who are used to standard cigarettes, a nicotine strength of 16 to 18 is ideal.  The good news is that you can gradually lower the nicotine strength in your eLiquid if your aim is to wean yourself off nicotine after some time. Of course, there are also producers of zero nicotine eLiquids for those who do not want to absorb any nicotine at all but who still like the taste of the eLiquid.

Assess your smoking habit

It is also important for you to assess your smoking habit, as this will help you select the best nicotine strength. When you are on two packs a day, you can start with a higher nicotine level so you get more satisfaction from an e-cigarette. Consider how often you smoke and how much, and when you prefer to smoke. Some smokers like to vary their nicotine strengths throughout the day – stronger nicotine after meals, for example, and lower nicotine levels in the morning.

With the right knowledge as well as information, you can switch from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes with ease and enjoy the change as much as you can.

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