How to Boost Your Immunity the Natural Way


A healthy immune system is all about keeping you protected fro disease, and keeping your body running as optimally as possible. When your immune system is strong, your skin is clear, your eyes are bright and you have plenty of energy to get through your day. But if you find yourself under stress or neglecting your health, your immune system can suffer. You’ll probably notice this through low energy, foggy memory, and getting sick quite easily. So if you’re craving more energy and overall health, take these tips into account to boost your immunity naturally:

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Keep your teeth healthy

Healthy teeth can help keep your body healthy as well. If you neglect your dental health, you can have gum issues arise which can affect your immune system. So make sure to brush and floss every day, and visit your dentist regularly for check-up appointments. You can book an appointment with Corner House Dental for a professional and caring experience.

Eat yogurt

A recent study has shown that the active cultures in yogurt can help to boost the immune system and increase your body’s resiliency to infection. This is great news, as yogurt is super easy to incorporate into your diet – in smoothies, oatmeal, breakfast parfaits, desserts or even salad dressing.

Don’t microwave your veggies

It’s better to microwave your veggies than not to eat them at all, but you’re actually zapping out as many as 97% of their antioxidant properties when you do it. And these antioxidants are just what you need to keep your immune system healthy and strong. So try to eat your veggies raw or steamed as much as possible.

Try out tai chi

If you’re open to new forms of exercise and meditation, tai chi is an excellent one for boosting immunity. It’s actually been shown that this gentle exercise, which is actually a moving meditation, can help increase immune levels significantly.

Eat garlic

Compounds found in garlic are great for boosting your immune system, which is why it’s great to eat garlic at the first sign of a cold. And it adds so much flavor to your food, that using garlic at home will inspire you to cook healthy meals and fill your home with the delicious aroma.

Focus on the positive

This one might sound less scientific than the rest, but it is actually based in real studies! People with an optimistic mindset have been proven to be healthier and sick less often than those with a more negative mindset. So how can you put this into play? In any given situation, when tempted to view it negatively, ask yourself what good can be found here, or what can you be grateful for?

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