Can Medical Marijuana Help With Speech Problems?

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It seems like there is nothing medical marijuana can’t help with. Perhaps that is why so many states are reconsidering their stance on medical marijuana and recreational marijuana use. Marijuana has even shown to help people with various speech problems. If you are suffering from Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s or even autism, you might be shocked at the results. However, while it should be noted that while there is no concrete evidence to support the idea of marijuana assisting people with speech problems, patient testimonials speak volumes.

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Yes, Marijuana Can Help With Speech

One of the major reasons people have a hard time with speech stems from anxiety. Marijuana calms the nerves and helps put a person in a more relaxed state. A lot of people also think quicker than they can talk. This causes them to stutter or slur words. Marijuana pumps the breaks on the thought process, allowing for a more controlled version of the person to carry the conversation.

While there is no definitive proof that marijuana, medical marijuana, medical marijuana delivery, or recreational, has clinical applications to help with speech problems, numerous doctors across several states advocate for its use. In fact, Dr. Tod Hiro Mikuriya is a licensed and accredited psychiatrist who supports safe medical marijuana use. As a medical marijuana user himself, Dr. Mikuriya is better equipped to answer most questions than other doctors.

Even without documented clinical proof, thousands of testimonials can be found on countless forums and blogs from people with speech problems. The comments are all the same. They believe that medical marijuana use has allowed them to get their speech problems down to a controllable level, making it easier to accept life. People with speech problems find life to be more stressful than most, especially when they cannot communicate their thoughts and feelings effectively. Visit for more.