How to Deal With Your Fear of The Dentist  


Going to the dentist is a scary experience for many people and it is something which has never left them since they were young. I most certainly would put myself in this category and whenever I go to my dentist Liverpool Street  it is usually quite an ordeal for me. Even as adults with sound and rational minds, the idea of someone digging around in your mouth, the noise of drills and the horror of a gum injection is enough to get the palms sweating. Over the years I have worked out the best way to cope with this fear and whilst I can never completely get rid of it, I understand that going to the dentist is a necessary evil and so here is how I deal with it.  


Good Practice 


The first thing that I want to talk about is not going to the dentist at all and in order for that to happen you need to make sure that you have a great dental hygiene and that you are doing all that you can to care for your teeth. I would also include in this a regular 6 month check up, you may think this is strange for someone who hates the dentist but in doing so you can make the experience easier. Regular check-ups can spot and deal with issues early which means that you can avoid any large scale treatments or surgeries further down the line.  


Early Doors 


I have found that the very best time for me to get an appointment at the dentist is first thing in the morning, because it means that I have less time to be scared. If you get an appointment for 5pm then you will only spend your day worrying about what is to come, which of course exasperates   the issue. Getting an early morning appointment may mean a troubled sleep but at least you can wake up and go and get it out of the way before your fears begin to take over.  




Some dentists are far more accommodating and sympathetic than others and if you do have a fear of going to the dentist then I would recommend that you find someone with whom you feel comfortable. Some dentists even specialize in working with nerves patients and they can offer a lot of empathy and most importantly, a lot of communication with you when you are sitting in the chair.  




It may seem ridiculous to those who have no fear of the dentist but to those of us who are scared, taking someone with you is a great idea. Having someone on hand for some personal support will help you to get through your appointment easier and so any friend or family member who can offer you some time and support should be counted on.  


There is nothing silly about this fear, it is something which many of us have and there are ways to cope with it.  


If you live in London then this is the dentist that I would recommend.  


Mansion House Dental Practice, 

Room 4-6, Albert Buildings, 

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