Healthy eating made simple

Making sure that we have a healthy and balanced diet is essential to maintain our health. The dentists from Paul Lowe Dentistry always advise their patients about eating right because it has a huge impact on dental health.


You don’t have to be scared when it comes to changing your diet because it doesn’t have to be difficult, it can in fact be very easy. There are simple rules to follow such as eating the right amount of calories per day and also eating a varied selection of food so your body gets all the nutrients it needs.

There are some very practical tips that you can follow to understand the basics of achieving a healthy diet, they will also help you to make healthier choices when selecting food.

Eat fruit and veg

I know this is quite obvious because we are always told about the ‘5 a day’ but we should never forget to eat lots of fruit and veg. At first it sounds easy but keeping to 5 a day can sometimes be tricky, so plan your meals each day to make sure that you have enough.

Cut out the salt

You may not add any salt to your food but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t eating too much. Lots of food these days contains salt, nearly all of the salt we eat is already present in the food before we add any. It is important to avoid salt where possible because it can increase blood pressure which in turn can lead to heart disease or cause strokes.

Eat like a king

A great rule of thumb is that you should eat like a king at breakfast. Some people skip breakfast because they think they don’t have time to eat, well you need to make time. It is the most important meal of the day, breakfast is essential to maintaing a healthy diet and keep a healthy weight

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