Healthy summer foods and drinks for your children – Grandsmile Designs

Schools almost out for the summer and it’s nearly time to keep the kids entertained with lots of activities and food and drink.

Here are some healthy food and drink treats you can look forward to dishing up on your camping trip in the campgrounds in Phoenix, beach day out or picnic for your treasured ones this summer as eating healthily can be good for your overall health and lifestyle.


How to encourage healthy drinks

Instead of going to the supermarket to buy your children their favourite drinks like Coke, Lemonade or Fanta why not encourage them to drink water as this is sugar free and the best way to quench a thirst during those hot summer days.

Keep chilled water accessible in the fridge or pack some in your picnic basket. Why not add some lemon slices, lime or orange slices to give it some flavour.

Low fat milk is a good source of protein and nutrients, such as calcium and vitamin B12. These help build strong teeth and bones. Low fat milk contains the same level of nutrients as whole milk, but with less saturated fat. Plain low fat milk is best, although flavoured low fat milks are ok too. Have fun with the kids by creating your own flavoured milk drinks at home by adding fruit and whipping up a fruit smoothie with some of their favourite fruits such as strawberries, bananas and oranges.

Lunch time Menus

Vegetable couscous

This dish easy to prepare and can be used as a base for a healthy salad that can contain whatever veg children choose. Couscous can be served warm as a side dish for stews and curries or cold as a salad – it is perfect cooked the day before for picnics and lunchboxes.


¼ cucumber

10 cherry tomatoes or 3 larger tomatoes

1 pepper, any colour

2 spring onions

100g/3½oz sweetcorn, frozen or tinned (drained weight)

150g/5½oz couscous

Small lemon, juice only (you can also use orange)

1 tbsp olive oil

200ml/7fl oz boiling water

Why not get your kids involved in helping with the preparation for  that picnic for the next day by allowing them to help chop the vegetables, Invest in some plastic knifes if you haven’t already got some in that picnic basket so they don’t end of cutting their fingers

Tasty chicken wraps

Tired of boring sandwiches? Mix it up with a kid-approved wrap you can use vegetables, chicken, turkey or tuna wrapped with lettuce, vegetables and mayonnaise or low fat salad cream.


Fruits have a lot of natural sugars but are still a lot healthier and contain less sugar than ice creams, chocolate bars, biscuits and crisps. Make sure you pack fruits like apples, oranges, Satsuma’s and strawberries.

If you are a parent trying to encourage your children to indulge in foods that contain less sugar a number of dentists and hygienists can help recommend diets that will help your children maintain or develop excellent oral hygiene so there won’t be a need for fillings when they next visit the dentist. If you live in or around the Surrey area, Grandsmile offer advice on how to look after your teeth at home and show you brushing and flossing techniques which will help you keep to your teeth in optimum condition.

Call the Surrey dentist for advice on treatments today on 020 8642 0355 to book your free consultation.