What to Look for in a Great Family Dentist  


How much time did you give to seeking out a great family dentist? For most people they look to a dentist which is closest to home and then they stay with them but in many cases people dont find the best dentist for them because they didnt invest a lot of time in the searching process. I was looking for a Surrey dentist last year for my family after a house move and I tried quite a number before finally settling on one which I felt would give us the best service. If you are on the lookout for a new dentist, here are some things which you should be looking for.  



Many dentist practices overstock their client list and that can often result in long wait times for an appointment, something which nobody wants. If you have a couple of dentists in mind which you are considering, call them all to make an appointment and see how long it takes to get one. If you have to wait 6 days or more then you may find another dentist would suit you better.  



Prices for treatments such as extractions or even check-ups can vary wildly from dentist to dentist and in my experience the price is not always equivalent to the service which you will receive. During your search you should call dentists to find out what their list of prices are for common treatments.  



Online reviews can be a great way to gain an understanding of what other clients are saying about the dental practice, which can sway your opinion. Word of mouth has long been one of the best ways of understanding how good a service or product is and this still rings true when it comes to online reviews. Try to read many reviews to gain a broad spectrum of opinions.  



There is nothing wrong with getting a few appointments for different dentists, and in doing so you can understand what it feels like to be in there. You should feel comfortable when you go to the surgery and you should be offered great service by everyone who works there. When you sit in the chair and meet your dentist you should make sure that they make you feel comfortable and well informed. If you dont feel comfortable for whatever reason then this wont be the dentist for you and your family.  



I have 3 kids and 2 of them are very nervous when they go to the dentist. It is for this reason that I made sure to find a dental surgery which was very accommodating for children and who had dentists that were patient and affable with my children, to keep them calm during the appointment. Some dentists are much better at this than others so you need to suck it and see in order to get the surgery which is best for kids.  

 Spend some time on this search and make sure that you get the best choice for your family. 


If you live in the Surrey area then this is the address of the dentist who Id recommend.  


Portmore Dental, 

Roadway House, 

35 Monument Hill, 



KT13 8RN