Providenciales: My Favourite National Parks


So once you have secured one of the stunning Turks and Caicos villas it is time to get out there and explore what the islands have to offer. I have decided to focus on Providenciales and the amazing National Parks that are there. I hope you enjoy reading more about some great places to visit on your next trip to Turks and Caicos.

Princess Alexandra National Park

This 6532 acre marine and coastal national park lies on the northern coast of the island. It includes many of the best beaches from Turks and Caicos, such as Grace Bay Beach and Leeward Beach, as well as other important natural sites such as The Bight Reef and Smith’s Reef. The list goes on with places like Iguana Island, which is famous for its iguana sanctuary and also the wetlands of  Mangrove Cay. This National Park is without a doubt filled with things to do and is one of the most important parks on the islands.

Chalk Sound National Park

This interesting national park is an unbelievable turquoise lagoon that is dotted with hundreds of small rocky islands. This is the idea spot for getting out onto the water on a kayak or paddle board. This park is also home to the beautiful Taylor Bay and Spodilla Bay beaches. The best thing about the waters here is that they are super clear and clean and are some of the most amazing that I have seen in my lifetime. This is due to the pack that powered watercraft are not allowed here, making the water enjoyable for everyone.

Northwest Point National Park

This is one of the more remote locations that you can experience in Turks and Caicos. It is great for exploring the cliffs and small coves, which have a much more private feel than the more popular beaches. The Northwest Point Pond Nature Reserve is an interesting part of this national park, especially because it is an inland marine wetland with its own unique and diverse wildlife. This is not the ideal place to go swimming though, especially as the waters have sharp rocks, seaweed and it is less calm than the other beaches. This can be great for a more exploration type adventure rather than just a beach day, which you shouldn’t worry about because Turks and Caicos has some of the best beaches in other parts.

Cheshire Hall Plantation

This is an interesting look into the history of the Caicos islands and is located near the downtown area on top of a hill. These are the best preserved plantation ruins on the entire island and were constructed in the late 1700s for the produce of cotton. There are a number of stone paths on the plantation that lead to the remaining stone structures, including the cotton presses, slave quarters, kitchen, well and a great house. There are also a number of birds and other wildlife in the area that you can see, as well as plants that are often signposted to describe their species and significance.