The Right Habits

Teaching your child the right habits when it comes to oral hygiene is extremely important for allowing them to take care of their greatest assets, their teeth. Doing this is not always the easiest thing for a parent but with some tips it should make it easier, just remember that you can always visit your local dentist in Exeter or surrounding area if you need further information.


Use a little

Children should only use a very small amount of toothpaste, a quarter of their toothbrush should be enough. You should also encourage your children to spit the toothpaste out and not swallow it, it is also important that they rinse their mouth only after brushing, this is because the toothpaste needs time to have contact with their teeth in order to provide the strengthening benefits of the fluoride in the toothpaste.

The right toothbrush

There are certain considerations when thinking of your child’s toothbrush and it is important that they get the right one to suit them. Firstly you must make sure that the size of toothbrush is important for your child to reach all parts of their teeth while brushing, remember that your child’s mouth is much smaller than that of an adult and generally a child will require a smaller toothbrush.

A softer toothbrush is better for your child, particularly when they are just getting used to brushing their teeth as they are more likely to have more sensitive gums.


Your child should brush at least twice a day, once before bed and at one other time during the day. The most important time to brush is before bed because less saliva is produced during sleep and it actually protects teeth from the effects of plaque. Teaching your child to brush at the correct times will form a structure that they can carry through the rest of their lives and gives them the best possible chance to preserve their teeth for as long as possible.

The Right Areas

All of the above tips are very important, but these are not worth following if your child does not brush their teeth properly, this is an area that you must use your personal experience to teach your child the right way to brush. Your child’s dentist or hygienist can also assist you and your child with learning the most effective technique for brushing.

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