How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

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For most of us, vacation is a time to relax and enjoy life just a little bit more! We’re generally not so concerned with staying to a perfect eating plan, or maintaining an excellent fitness regimen. But many people have experienced the disappointment of coming home from vacation, only to find that their jeans don’t quite fit! It’s easy to totally lose sight of all health practices when you’re traveling, but this doesn’t have to be the case. And you don’t have to give up all indulgences and fun when you’re on holiday, just for the sake of being healthy. How about a little balance?

One great peace of advice from Brilliant Dental Care, a cosmetic and general dentistry practice in Cardiff, is to have a quick check up before you head off on your trip especially if you have had cosmetic dental work done in the past. There’s nothing worse than being abroad and having dental issues, to make sure you have a great holiday head down to your local surgery for peace of mind.

dental check up

Here are some tips for staying healthy when you’re traveling, whether it’s for work or play!

Bring some healthy plane snacks

The first place that many people go downhill with their health habits when traveling is at the airport. You have hours to kill, and there’s nothing to eat but fast food and Starbucks. You can try to wander the airport looking for healthy options, or just cave and indulge in that heavy sandwich or pastry. But who wants to start their holiday with an unhealthy and probably not very satisfying meal? Instead, bring snacks for the airport and plane that will leave you feeling light and energized. Nuts, trail mix, dried fruit, jerky, string cheese and whole grain crackers are great choices.

Try cooking

While you’re traveling, it’s inevitable that you’ll be eating out. In fact, when you’re away from home, trying local foods elsewhere is a lot of the fun! It’s a great experience to try the local specialties and relax, giving up the responsibility of having to prepare meals. But if you’ll be away for a long period, your health will benefit if you try to cook at least a bit during your travels. If you have a hotel or hostel with a kitchen available, stock up on some essentials at the grocery store so you can prepare some simple meals. You’ll save tons of money this way as an added benefit!

Get moving

You’ll probably have plenty of chances to get exercise when traveling. Since you don’t have your car from home, your body will be your number one way to get from point A to point B! So whenever you have the chance to walk, take it! You’ll save money on bus fares if you hoof it around town, and you’ll get to stop and see things that you wouldn’t if you were on public transportation.

Balance out

Part of health is emotional and mental well-being. So this means, embrace the fact that you’re away from home, and that you have the chance to loosen up your normal health regimen. You might be a daily exerciser at home, but this just might not be possible or practical while you’re traveling. Instead of stressing out about it, relax and enjoy your break. Your body is probably glad for the rest and your mental and emotional well-being will soar if you learn to love the situation and commit to get back to your normal routine when you get home!

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