Top Tips on How You Can Avoid The Dentist  

Young dentist and his assistant treating elderly man

 Going to the dentist for many people is a very scary and fearful prospect which we simply dont want to go through. Unfortunately however there is a ways a time when you need to go and have your teeth checked out and this can be a problem for anyone who feels this way. I am in the same boat here and whilst my Sheffield dentist is absolutely wonderful and very patient with me, it is still an experience which I loathe. So what is the best way to cope with this kind of issue? My solution is doing all that I can to make sure that I dont need to go to the dentist at all, and here is how to avoid them.  


Regular Check-Ups 


Getting a check-up is about going to the dentist when you dont need to and whilst it may sound backwards to suggest that you should go to the dentist in order to avoid them, there is some sense to be found here. If you get a regular check-up then you most likely wont have too much poking and prodding and in most cases the dentist will give you the all clear. If you do have an issue within your teeth or gums then a regular check-up can spot this early and fix the issue without the need for full scale surgery. If you leave a problem then your dental appointments will increase, and they wont be pleasant.  




We all know that regular brushing of your teeth is the best way to care for them but not everyone does this right. You should be looking to brush your teeth in the morning and the night, as well as once during the day if possible. When brushing you should use a small shaded brush of medium firmness, and do so in circular motions, brushing both the teeth and the gums. Cleaning your teeth should take around 2 minutes to make sure that you have reached every nook and cranny. Something else which you should do after brushing your teeth is to floss, this will get rid of any additional dirt or bacteria which is lurking in-between your teeth.  




The way that you live has a huge impact on the health of your teeth and you should also address this in terms of avoiding the dentist. If you smoke or drink excessive alcohol then you will be damaging your teeth so you should aim to stop both. In terms of eating and drinking the number one thing to avoid or to greatly limit is sugar. Sugar sticks to the enamel of your teeth and it can become very difficult to clean off. When it stays on the teeth it can cause cavities and rotting of the teeth, plus when you clean off the sugar the enamel comes with it, weakening your teeth in the process.  


Look after your teeth, get regular check-ups and you can avoid any big problems at the dentist.